Through the Designer Crystal Ball - What can we expect in 2023?

It is always interesting when the predictions of style trends for the upcoming year start circulating in the design press and from what we can tell so far, 2023 is set to be focussed around well-being in the home and workplace. Well-being is more than just a healthy lifestyle and has quickly become a standard in interior design and architecture.

Curved shapes, indoor-outdoor gardens and well-being – welcome to 2023


It makes perfect sense that a thoughtfully designed workspace space leads to a happier staff and increased productivity. With more people now working from home it is obvious that the same principles apply, but the well-being ethos extends beyond just work areas and into every aspect of the home.

The recent pandemic and its resulting periods of isolation saw the rise of multifunctional homes and this trend is set to grow. The increasing cost and inconvenience of travelling will see the growth of homes serving more needs and pastimes of the inhabitants than ever before. Personalised interiors make sense and features like media rooms and games areas are set to become a standard in new homes. Exercise areas like a small gym, yoga/meditation nook, hot-tub or sauna are also becoming increasingly popular.


A stylish TV / media room by Robert Bliss  Image: Decoist

When space is in short supply even a multi-purpose area like a family room or den can be re-imagined to serve a number of uses. Attractive conversions of spare garages, outside utility rooms or granny flats into functional and private exercise areas can be easily achieved with careful planning.

If you are fortunate to have an interesting architectural feature like an alcove or nook they are perfect for creating small, functional space-saving areas while creating visual interest. Depending on size, an alcove could become a reading nook or media station with the addition of a slim console/desk and attractive stool, or even a Zen nook for meditation.


Turn an alcove into a feature with the addition of a stylish console and comfy chair. Image: The Dominic Console – available on request from Leonardo Design

 Continuity of design and theme throughout the living areas is a well-known decorating trick to create a cohesive, calming atmosphere. 2023 will see this consideration extended into every area of the home. Organic materials will remain popular and the emphasis will be on locally manufactured furniture, artisanal items and crafted accessories using materials found in the area. The focus is local and not imported from elsewhere – especially overseas.

The use of natural light will play an even bigger part in architecture and interior spaces. Natural light is mood-enhancing and an important factor in our well-being, as such, minimally dressed or bare windows and light coloured reflective surfaces will be popular.



An Indoor garden bathed with lots of natural light is an excellent way of demarcating different areas - Image: Macanta Interiors   

 Curves, arcs and soft edges have been in vogue for a while now and this design feature will be seen in everything from tables and couches through to office furniture and bedside units. The move away from stark minimalism will see designers revisiting the curves and accent lines of Art Deco and Nouveau in furniture detailing.

 Interesting curves with a retro feel – Our Lafayette range is on point with the new season. Image: Leonardo Design

 This isn’t the only nod to nostalgia we can expect. Colour trends suit the new season’s mood. We’ll see a step away from traditional neutrals and the introduction of gentle gold shades – not the bright bling gold of the past, but rather the desert’s sandy gold shades.

‘Artificial’ looking colours will be replaced by hues that are gentler on the eye and uplifting to live with. Tranquil turquoise shades will see resurgence as they are the ideal tones for areas of focus like studies, home offices and yoga/meditation areas. Greens will also remain popular but the strong greens of the last few years will be replaced with softer Verdigris hues.


Digital Lavender – Pantone’s colour of 2023  -  Image – The Link

 The Pantone colour for 2023 is ‘Digital Lavender’. This soft pastel is fresh, versatile and is the ideal colour to inject life into a neutral setting.  According to colour forecasters, ‘digital lavender bridges the natural and digital worlds, bringing balance to a world in chaos. It is calm and optimistic and is often associated with peace and serenity and also a colour that stimulates creativity and thought.’

 Layered monochrome interiors will also be a popular option for 2023 with slight variations of the same colour being used throughout a room’s décor. Here, differing textures, hues and shapes are crucial to reaching the balance between visual interest and a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere.


Easy on the senses - monochrome textures in textured layers. Image: Synsera Homes  

 This is the season to rethink the flow in your home. The old adage of less is more is still pertinent, but more encompassing than the minimalism of the past few years. The aim is to create greater distance between areas and zones to improve the traffic flow where possible. With well-being as a goal we will see an increased use of Feng shui, wabi-sabi, and Japandi aesthetics in the home as we strive to balance decoration and neat aesthetics.

 Leonardo Design

The Cone Side Table from our Brights collection is the perfect accessory for a bathroom sanctuary.

 Plants and indoor gardens are always popular. This plays perfectly into next year’s trends with inside-outside living set to become a focus in well-being. New office and housing developments are bound to see the blurring of these areas, and more elaborate indoor gardens and rockeries being incorporated into their design.


A fun idea for bringing the outside into your home  -  Image:

The rise of the multi-functional / work from home environment has resulted in an increase for bespoke and purpose-made furniture items. This is to be expected as the home is now being designed around the needs and expectations of each occupant.

Leonardo Design has three decades of experience in creating bespoke furniture pieces and ranges for the home, corporate and hospitality industries. Read our blog ‘The Benefits of Bespoke Furniture’ to find out more about the bespoke process.

 Leonardo Design

 A part of a purpose designed wall unit we created for a client.

Image: Leonardo Design 

 Leonardo Design

The bespoke wine room we created for the renowned Ethos restaurant

Image: Leonardo Design

 Well-being is more than a seasonal fad and is set to become the norm with ethical design being the core principle behind the majority home and office layout and décor. International organizations such as LEED, WELL and Fitwell now measure how buildings connect to, and can better serve, their occupants taking factors like air, water, nourishment, light, fitness, comfort and peace of mind for occupants into consideration. Green architecture was given a boost with the introduction of tax incentives and various other perks by meeting accredited green standards.

 Leonardo Design

The Zen-like Dodecahedron Side Table - Leonardo Design


As we better understand what benefits our cities, communities and individual households, we will see designers focus these same attributes into their creations. Interesting and purposeful design following the principles of form following function will proliferate as will developments in recycled/repurposed and environmentally ethical materials – which is always happy news.

We hope you have enjoyed this peek into the future. With 2023 only a few months away, the Leonardo team is looking forward to what is set to be an interesting year.

Yours in Design – Frank



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