Décor 2022 - What can we expect?

As the year hurtles toward a close we have decided to take a look at some of the design trends predicted for 2022. The varying degrees of COVID lockdowns over the last few years have helped us re-evaluate our surroundings, and although we’ll be carrying some old favourites into the New Year with us, we will also see some new and innovative ideas. Personalisation of the home space has become key in the choice of furnishings, and favourites such as retro lines, metal, glass and natural textures will still have a cherished place


Above: 2022's Keywords: Clean, practical and relaxing.
Photo Credit: Thedecortrends.com


Thankfully, sustainability and conscious use of materials is set to be with us for generations to come. This welcome mindset has brought about huge advancements in recycled materials and their use. Quartz composites have become the norm rather than an exception and are the preferred choice over various stones or marble, which are not renewable and are both labour and infrastructure hungry. Although these composites might not sound as luxurious as the real thing, they come in numerous colours and texture finishes, are resistant to heat and scratches and will possibly last you a lifetime. What’s not to like? Another product to look out for is hemp. With restrictions and attitudes to hemp farming rapidly changing, we are certain to see this remarkably versatile plant being used increasingly in building materials and composites.

Leonardo Design has been using environmentally friendly materials for many years. Choosing veneers over solid wood plays an important part in maximizing the use of harvested wood while putting less strain on the forests and giving them more time to re-establish. MDF (medium density fibreboard) is widely used as the substrate for veneers in high-end furniture manufacturing and comprises of a combination of real wood and recyclable products which has earned it the ‘Green’ accreditation. Quartz composites such as Caesarstone often feature in our customised and bespoke creations and were the first company of its kind to receive ISO 14001 certification for sustainability.


Image: A bespoke feature table with organically shaped base and Caesarstone Top.
Photo: Leonardo - Tables by Design


Increased home-based time has brought about a subtle change in our preferred style of furnishings and we will see a merging of minimalist and Zen elements into our rooms. Clean spaces replace clutter as home offices become the norm. Single-use spaces are becoming a thing of the past and items like room dividers/media units, consoles with drawers that double as a desk when needed, occasional tables with hidden storage areas, will become commonplace.

We are expecting more requests for bespoke items such as combined room dividers/smart desks and fold-away furnishings in the coming year.

Minimalism has been popular for some time and is set to stay. Enforced periods of isolation have reinforced the importance of necessary items over space fillers. ‘Less is more’ has never been more relevant and creating an easy flowing room layout while adhering to some basic Feng Shui principles needn’t be an extreme challenge. We do not advocate living in a magazine’s minimalist concept photo shoot, but rather the paring down of furnishings and ornaments to allow open space and airiness.


Image: A simple bench, narrow coffee table, plant display stand, bed-end table... multi-tasking furniture is set to stay
Photo: Leonardo - Tables by Design


Glass will remain a popular choice in both furnishings and interior architecture. Large light-maximizing windows still reign, and the use of smart glass on interior surfaces is a fast-developing technology that is set to become a part of daily life. We have always loved the airiness that glass brings to our tables and we use toughened glass in many of our stock ranges. It remains one of the most popular customisations asked for by clients.

Image: Part of the extensive Lafayette range - a testament to the effective use of glass
Photo: Leonardo - Tables by Design


Curves will still be cool and you can expect to see increased use of flowing organic shapes in furnishings and fabric design. Softer edges bring a more relaxed feel to a room and are friendlier if you have toddlers or elderly family members.


Image: The Kidney Coffee Table Set - an exercise in flowing lines.
Photo: Leonardo - Tables by Design


Colourwise, neutral base tones are still a practical choice for 2022. Some decorators are steering away from plain white as it tends to be impersonal which has a negative impact on aesthetics’ (Sasha Bikoff). Greys and stone hues will still be popular, as will chalk, bone and parchment palettes. Beige makes a strong return as a neutral with Dulux’s ‘Brave New Ground’ being named Colour of the Year for 2022.

Accent colours such as muted green and blue hues will be off-set with judicious pops of rich colour (think dark greens and burnt oranges) and shades of black. Blue was a favourite in 2011 and next year sees this palette widening to complimentary tints. Deep midnight blue is a new favoured shade and will possibly be next year’s new black. Play with mixing different textures in both your base and accent colours for added interest.

Metallics will also remain en vogue and we’ll see sparks of gold and silver, brass and copper and brushed dark metals used together and individually.


Image: The shades of 2022 working in perfect harmony.
Photo Credit: Thedecortrends.com


During the lockdown many people turned to indoor gardening to add an element of nature into their homes. This fits perfectly into the ethos of sustainability and looks to be an interest that is set to continue. Newcomers should remember that plants need to be regularly tended and, according to your choice of plants, even indoor gardening can be a time consuming pastime. Unless you have naturally green fingers it is best advised to stick to low maintenance plant varieties that are pretty and forgiving.

A golden rule is that more isn’t necessarily better when it comes to plants. A few healthy specimens with varying leaf shape and variegations can look far more effective than an indoor jungle. Your available natural seasonal lighting will dictate which types of plants you will be able to use. Also be aware of drafts or proximity to heat sources (fireplaces, radiators or stoves) which can not only damage foliage but also dries the air, so affecting humidity levels which are crucial for plants like ferns. Your local nursery will point you in the right direction as to what is suitable for your region.


Image: Stylish terrariums planted with ferns are perfect for the new home gardener
Photo Credit: mydecorative.com


In conclusion, the advent of COVID has given many of us new perspective on our home environment and the time to revaluate what is important in our lives. As multi-purpose spaces become the norm, personalisation will become key in décor trends. However you decide to express your look make sure that it is functional, practical, and tick all of YOUR boxes aesthetically.

We hope that you enjoyed this brief glimpse into next year’s décor predictions and are ready to bring your style to the new trends.


Wishing you a stylish month - Frank


Image: The Okha Coffee Table in stainless steel with white marble top
Photo: Leonardo - Tables by Design





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